XS vom Ottilienstein

     XS vom Ottilienstein
Registered: SV
D.O.B: July 31st, 2015
Titles: IGP2, AD  
Health: HD- Normal, ED Normal, HD-ZW 76
XS vom Ottilienstein Pedigree
Welcoming our new female XS “Excess” to America from Germany!  
XS is a very solid female. She has very strong bone, and overall is a strong confident pushy dog. She is very affectionate though and loves to get affection and to play. She is very ball driven and a bit possessive but safe. She is a bit of a bull in a China shop. Her food drive is VERY high. She loves to work! She has full crushing grips. She is very high prey drive! She settles well in the house but can be more active if toys are out because it makes her drive go up. She LOVES to chew and will rigorously chew on things like bones and bully sticks for recreational chews. Eats them a bit quick because of that high food drive. She is very athletic, and fast. She definitely has a sweet side and is bonding well with me. I look forward to seeing what she produces here in our program!


XS AKA “Excess” is a SG-Henrik vom Wolfsheim IPO3 FH2 KKL, daughter and SG-Kinski vom Heidhof IPO3, KKL1 granddaughter that we have chosen to carry on this fantastic bloodline.


SG-Otti vom Ottilienstein

SchH3, KKL1


SG-Henrik vom Wolfsheim

IPO3, SV angek. Lbz. (2x LGA Champion)