Morrigan vom Hanrahaus

   Morrigan vom Hanrahaus  Morrigan vom Hanrahaus
AKA Arya
Registered: AKC
D.O.B: June 26th, 2016
Titles: IGP2, IGP1, AD Angek. 2022/2023 
(IGP1)High in Trial, High Tracking, High Obedience
High IGP2
Health: OFA Good hips, Normal elbows, DM Clear, SV-A stamp hips, A-stamp elbows, LUW1, ZW 74
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Morrigan vom Hanrahaus Pedigree

Morrigan vom Hanrahaus

Morrigan, AKA “Arya” (her call name) is a V-Bolle Ja Na Ka IPO3, SV angek. Lbz. ( 2x BSP Champion) daughter and V-Leon von der Staatsmacht IPO3, KKL1 granddaughter that we have chosen to carry on this fantastic bloodline. Her mother line goes back to her great grandfathers Falk von den Wolfen and Hutch vom dunklen Zwinger, who are two very strong successful dogs that bring the power and working ability to a pedigree that we greatly enjoy. She is a strikingly beautiful Bi-color female with a good disposition. She is curious alert and confident in public. She is true to her bloodline and carries those working characteristics often seen with this bloodline. Her work is very intense as she shows excellent power, drive, and energy. She is very dominant to the helper and brings aggression naturally in her work. She has very balanced prey and defensive drives, with high possession and high food drive as well. She has a very silly personality off the field, but a lot of intensity behind her waiting to explode if she is turned on in her work, and is a lot of fun to train with! Arya has natural aggression and makes for a very fun dog in the protection work. She has full calm natural grips and loves to stare the helper in the eyes and fight with him. She is extremely ball driven and possessive and is very powerful to work in obedience.
Arya earned her IGP1 at Mid Iowa Working Dog Club in June of 2019 taking the trophies for High Obedience, High Tracking, and High in Trial. 
Arya earned her IGP 2 at St. Louis Schutzhund Association Working Dog Club, taking the High IGP2 trophy. 
Arya earned her Breeding Survey with USCA Judge Heidi Theis: 

Upper medium size, medium strong. Strong head and lively expression, normal wither straight and firm back. Good position of short croup. Balanced chest proportions. Very good angulation in front, good underline, very good angulation in rear. Moves straight in front & rear, somewhat narrow in rear. Ground covering gait, effective rear drive. TSB Pronounced, dog releases
Special Attributes: Noteworthy protection for female dog. 5/5


V-Bolle Ja Na Ka

IPO3, SV angek. Lbz. (2x BSP Champion)

Bolle Ja Na Ka