V Goofy vom Bürgereck

   Goofy vom Bürgereck  Goofy vom Bürgereck
Registered: SV, AKC
D.O.B: April 21st, 2011
Titles: IPO3, IPO2, IPO1, KKL For life 
Hips: HD Normal
Elbows: ED Normal
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Goofy is my latest addition- the first male I have ever purchased for my kennel. I have admired bloodlines like Tom van’t Leefdaalhof for years, and I am so honored to be able to have a dog like Goofy right here in my home. One of the first strong powerful females I met in the sport of Schutzhund, was a Tom v Leefdaalhof granddaughter. I adored her work ethic, intensity, athleticism, and power, while remaining clear headed and safe in everyday scenarios. I am so excited to bring a male of such intense power and capabilities into my home and breeding program. Goofy is everything I was looking for in a new stud dog to continue with my program. He is extremely fast, hard hitting, crushing grips, and athletic even for his size standing at 64cm (25 inches) at his withers and 37kg (82 lbs).  He is not an over-sized dog, but is still a big dog and maintains very athletic despite his body mass, which is very valuable to me. Goofy is line bred 3-4 on Tom, and additionally 4-5 on Fado von Karthago, and 5-5 on Yoschy von der Döllenwiese. Yoschy is a dog I am very familiar with and have utilized his bloodlines in my program in the past. My B litter were Yoschy great grandchildren, and I could still see the stamp of Yoschy through his progeny. Blondie from our B litter didn’t end up working out for breeding, but she is an excellent working dog, and is now working as a police K9. Having Yoschy in Goofy’s bloodline as well as some other top working dogs, is really an exciting opportunity to bring back some of my favorite dogs into my breedings. Goofy is definitely a product of his fantastic pedigree combination, and the skills of his breeders and trainers in Germany. Goofy’s full and half siblings are spread out across the world due to their popularity and great working abilities. Goofy has very deep and crushing grips, with pronounced fight drive. Goofy is a dog with very high prey, ball, and food drive. He is an excellent tracker, working through and problem solving, with great hunt drive. He is a very resilient dog, with extraordinarily high pain tolerance. He is a very confident and strong nerved dog. He is safe in public, can be walked around strangers, children, large groups of people, around traffic, other dogs, etc. He is completely dog neutral. Safe around small animals. If greeted by people he is aloof, but safe and open. He is a very healthy dog as well, a very thick correct coat, he eats a raw diet, but he can eat anything without any issues with his gut. No allergies or skin issues. He carries for solid black and long coat. 

Breed Survey:

Large, medium strong, dry and firm male of correct proportions. Very good pigment with high black content. Strong, expressive head with dark eyes and correct ear set. High withers, straight, form back and a well laid, somewhat short croup. Slightly straight upper arms, correct rear angulations, forechest could be more pronounced, correct front. Straight coming and going, he shows powerful, free gaiting. Reach and drive should be somewhat more pronounced.

TSB: Pronounced, let’s out

Special recommendations: Particularly dry, strong male with pronounced courage and fighting drives and striking pigment.

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