Blondie Von Der Bauerhof

   Blondie von der Bauerhof  Apollo von der Bauerhof
Registered: AKC, UScA
D.O.B: September 13th, 2012
Titles: CGC
Olathe, Kansas Police K9 
Hip: Good
Elbow: Normal
Sire: Spike Vom Pfälzer-Hof IPO3
Dam: Arka Z Heritage Acres AD



Blondie Von Der Bauerhof Pedigree




This female has been catching my eye since the minute she was born. From her strikingly unusual color compared to her litter mates, then her intense determination for everything at such a young age. She was the first to escape from the puppy pool, is the most driven and motivated out of the bunch (while everyone is in a close second). She displays complete confidence, fantastic prey drive, intensity, hardness, resiliency, and some very strong nerves. Blondie is a force to be reckoned with, a serious female with intensity coming out of her ears. She is very serious in her bite work and knows how to hold her own, but is clear headed and chooses to bite in the correct scenarios, and yet is extremely safe and sweet with children, puppies, livestock etc. Blondie is a dog I could take into a dark alley and not have to worry about ourselves because she has my back. Blondie’s ball drive is exceptionally high. Her tracking is intense and actually requires me to slow her down she is so motivated to do the work. She has been an absolute joy to work and learn with in her power. This is a very powerful female and I am extremely proud to have bred a dog of her caliber. Blondie has been sold to the Olathe Kansas Police Department as a working K9.