SG Arka Z Heritage Acres

 Registered: AKC
  •  DOB: March 21, 2008
  •  Titles: BH, AD, CGC
  •  Handler-Owner-Trained
  • Elbow: OFA normal (click here)
  • Hip: OFA fair (click here)
  •  DM: OFA GS-DM1653/48F-NOPI
  •  Sire: Zar Milvel ZVV1
  •  Dam: Cindy Von Dak



Arka Z Heritage Acres Pedigree







Dwelling from Czech and DDR working lines she is a strong female with a lot to offer. With a strong desire to please and work with her handler as well as the drives to push her though, she has fantastic working ability. Not only does she have the ability she produces it!


Arka is a female of absolute correct color, pigment, temperament and size standing at 23″ and weighing 65bs. She is a medium sized female with medium strong bone and moderate angulations with great substance! Arka has a great ear set with a strong female head, producing awesome secondary sex characteristics. Arka (or as we call her “Addy”) is one of our most athletic dogs, and consistently produces it! We feel this is a great asset to our breeding program adding longevity and resiliency to our dogs.


With strong nerves, stable temperament, and a great attitude this female has proven to be a wonderful producer of Czech lines. Bred by a police officer producing dogs for his work, and line-bred on some top Czech line dogs, this female has a lot to offer to our breeding program. Arka produces a very well balanced dog that provides a very good family pet, but an awesome active buddy for hikes, fetch, swimming, dock diving, schutzhund, etc.  Arka’s puppies have proved to be very versatile. I have managed to keep quite a few of her progeny close so I can observe them as they grow. Often times I get to hold on to the puppies while their owners go out of town. This allows me to have a very close relationship and a very good understanding of what Arka is producing for me. Arka’s pedigree contains some old dogs that are highly sought after for the stability, working ability, temperament, and health.