Nina the once in a lifetime dog



Nina the resident American Pitbull Terrier is a valuable and inspirational part of Zwinger von dem Bauernhof. As our first learning dog in the sport before bringing Instigator Vom Haus Huro (A.K.A. Havoc) home, she has been a great teacher. Nina’s forever forgiving attitude on life with her intense amount of drives and biddability makes for a top Schutzhund/IPO dog. Nina, despite being a different breed, still displays the beautiful embodiment of utilitarian dog.

As one of the best behaved indoor dogs, Nina leaves plates unattended, plays pillow for children, and makes one of the top sport dogs in the area. Nina is known by many fans in the dog world after watching her work.

Nina is currently working towards her IPO1 in the sport called Internationale Prüfungs-Ordnung. Originally a breed suitability test for German Shepherds called “Schutzhund”, is now used as a sport to train dogs in tracking, obedience & protection. Nina is my inspiration to begin a breeding kennel that preserved the utilitarian working ability of the German Shepherd dog.

Nina provides a great insight into what it takes to train for this sport. Without her I wouldn’t be half the trainer I am today. Nina also enjoys visiting dog events to spread the word about American Pitbull Terriers. When people meet Nina it changes their minds from the mislead opinions they’ve previously held.

Nina was adopted as a young dog around the age of 8 months old from a small rescue in Kansas City, MO. It was love at first sight. When I met her, I knew there was something there and I had to take her home. She has proven to be a dog of top temperament, amazing drives and personality oozing from her. She hasn’t met a soul yet, who doesn’t warm up to her charming personality.


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