Spike vom Pfälzer-Hof

Spike vom Pfälzer-Hof

2013 Mid-Central Regional Champion

a Yoschy von der Döllenwiese grand son


High in Trial, High IPO2, High IPO3, High Protection at the 2012 Regional Championships, 2013 Regional Champion!

OFA- Hips Good / Elbows Normal



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Spike vom Pfälzer-Hof’s PedigreeSpike’s OFA health screening


Spike is a Yoschy von der Döllenwiese grand son bringing some of the most popular and well known West German working lines into a pedigree. Spike himself is well balanced dog in Defense/Prey and the more you bring the harder he fights. He has an overall medium threshhold for nearly everything, making for a dog that is not quick to fire off on the slightest thing, but is ready to rock and roll on cue.


Spikes lines back to Yoschy/Troll are getting harder to find this close. Spike is one of the youngest Yoschy grandsons in the United States so we are very excited to be able to utilize him in our breeding program here at Bauerhof German Shepherds.


In my opinion Spike is a great choice for anyone looking to bring well balanced nerves and intense fight to a breeding. This is exactly what we saw him bring in our B litter for us. He produced nice bone, great heads, lengthened the stock coat slightly for a fluffier look, brought unflappability and resiliency in his puppies. We are quite happy with what we see out of him. We have noticed some of his puppies seem to follow in his footsteps and are slow maturing puppies, but that was only a couple out of the litter. Blondie has been showing us a lot of intensity from day one with very intense drives and strong biddability with seriousness and fight drive already showing at a young age.