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Puppy Information - Zwinger Von Der Bauerhof German Shepherds Kansas Zwinger Von Der Bauerhof German Shepherds Kansas

Puppy Information

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“Socialization is introducing your puppy to a broad range of new experiences, people, environments and activities. While you
likely can’t expose a puppy to everything he or she may encounter in the future, the good news is that positive exposure to a
wide variety of novel experiences results in a dog that easily adjusts to new things throughout his or her life. A well-socialized
dog isn’t frightened of something he or she may never have experienced previously. In other words, well-socialized dogs are
more secure, confident and self-assured.”

Importance of Socializing


A Letter on Puppy Socialization from Dr. R.K. Anderson, DVM, Diplomat, American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine and Diplomat of  American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

Socialization Letter PDF

Dog parks; Yay or nay?

My personal opinion is that German shepherds do not make good dog park dogs. Some do, but more often than not German shepherds are an aloof breed that is not interested in the social gatherings of strangers. Dog parks can provide a dangerous environment with diseases, parasites, and dangerous adult dogs who can mess up your puppies socialization.

Dog park article PDF


Socialization List ( a list of things to expose your puppy to)

All experiences should be safe and positive.
Each encounter should include new things first, then treats and lots of praise.
Slow down and add distance if the dog or puppy is scared!



Massage ears

Examine mouth & gums

Open eyelids

Lightly squeeze skin
Touch nose
Touch between toes
Handle & trim toenails
Cradle like a baby
Tug tail lightly
Lightly grab collar (gotcha!)
Gently grab other parts of body
Hold head
Give belly rub
Wipe body with towel
Put harness on
Put head halter on


Adult People
People of many ethnicities
Tall men
Men with deep voices
Men with beards
People wearing hats, helmets
People wearing hoodies/heavy coats
People wearing backpacks
People wearing sunglasses
People with canes, walkers, crutches
People running
Infants (crawling)
Toddlers (walking, squealing)
Children standing, playing
Children & Babies (crying, playing)
Doorbell ringing
Phone ringing
Garage door opening
Jack hammers
Shopping car
Vacuum cleaner
Alarm clock/microwave/timer
Washing machine/dryer
Fire alarms
Objects with Wheels
Garbage cans outside
Shopping carts
Baby strollers
Wheel chairs
Other Objects
Pots and pans
Blankets or rugs being shaken
Plastic bags blowing in the wind
Sidewalk signs
Paper or paper bag rustling
Car Keys
Sliding Door
Fuzzy toy
Big exercise ball
Small tennis ball
Hard toy
Funny-sounding toy (squeak or other)
Rope toy/tug toy
Suburban neighborhood
Residential city street
High traffic city street
Shopping mall parking lot
Inside buildings
How much fun a crate is
Climbing up/down steps
Going in/out doorway
Getting a bath
Playing hide n seek
Going through a tunnel
Climbing over an obstacle
Walking on wobbly surface
Animals (Looking is always okay; Pup must be fully vaccinated to interact with other animals)
Dogs who play well
Small animals (rabbits, squirrels, birds etc)
Surfaces (in home-ok; outside of home, pup must be fully vaccinated)
Slippery floors: Hardwood, Linoleum, Marble
Metal: manholes, exam tables/scales
Uneven surfaces
Items to Expose Your Dog to After Quarantine and After Being Fully Vaccinated
Wet grass
Pet stores
Dog-friendly events
Dog training classes





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