Apollo Von Der Bauerhof

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   Apollo von der Bauerhof  Apollo von der Bauerhof
Registered: AKC, UScA
D.O.B: September 2nd, 2011
Titles: BH, CGC
Hip: OFA  (click here)
Elbow: OFA  (click here)
Sire: Remus Vom Hilsblick SchH3, LGA
Dam: Arka Z Heritage Acres BH, AD, CGC



Apollo Von Der Bauerhof Pedigree


Apollo is a home bred boy from our kennel. He is out of our female Arka Z Heritage Acres and an outside stud named Remus Vom Hilsblick.


Upper medium sized, medium strongly built male. Good withers, firm back, croup could be longer/better angled. Tail set and ear set are great. Forearm could be longer/better angled but good front, correct chest proportions, good underline and rear angulation. With a well sprung chest, and substance, this male can go the distance. Weighing 73lbs at 17 months standing at approximately 24″, he is extremely athletic and FAST.


A puppy to be proud of with unflappability, no noise sensitivity, driven and motivated. Very hard dog at a young age with no end to how hard or long he will try at something. High food drive, high prey, high pack drive, very good tracking. I really cannot find something to put this dog down on. Very dominant & pushy attitude, yet attention seeking and hard working. We held onto Apollo from our first litter to get a good idea of what Arka is producing. We are extremely proud of how Apollo is turning out. He follows closely with his Czech/DDR heritage on his mothers side. A slower maturing dog, but with good reason. We can see glimpses of how powerful this dog will be.


Very serious dog with a lot of intensity. A lot of fight drive to him. Full & calm grips. Inside an out, a truly beautiful specimen of the German Shepherd breed. We have big plans for Apollo here at our kennel and look forward to what the future brings with him! While Apollo boasts these great attributes for working reasons, he makes for a wonderful house companion. All our dogs live indoors with us socializing with all kinds of people, animals, etc. He is a wonderful house dog, very quiet and sure of  himself. Almost to a point of being creepy as he stares into your eyes begging for some affection and cuddles. Despite appearing very serious and regal, he is a total love bug in the house and adores and welcomes affection. An aloof dog by nature, but very confident and willing to accept all strangers who pose no threat.



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